Wednesday, March 7, 2007

January in March ,,,, it took sometime to get going after the holiday!

we spent 3 fabulous weeks in Europe and the UK, our trip started with a few days in Basel, Switzerland staying with Andre (an old work mate) where Elizabeth began her chocolate tour ;) then two weeks were spent in Zermatt, Switzerland - a wonderful village high up in the Alps where there are no vehicles (other than modified battery operated carts!). Lots of skiing, sleeping & cheese fondues were enjoyed. The last few days of the trip were spent in the UK, dinner with Jamie & Charlene, lunch the next day with the Fosters in Southampton and ending off that evening with dinner in Brighton with Elizabeth's friends. Thanks to BA we had to fly home early to avoid a strike that never actually happend.

Here are a couple of pics

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Tom and Elzette said...

hi alan, followed the link from Pete's site. will catch up in CT in the next few weeks. Thomas